I’m Lovin’ It: Part Three

Today, I’m loving my training skills. My manager and I met today (as we do each week). She reviewed the trainee evaluations from one of my recent classes. Not only were my scores nearly perfect, my co-trainer also saw a marked improvement in her scores–more so than with any other person she’s trained with!

My natural public speaking abilities and deep knowledge of our product are my favorite things about myself today!


Resolution Dissolution (and Resurrection!)

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve already broken one of my New Year’s resolutions.  I resolved to write on this blog every day, not matter how small the entry.  That…hasn’t happened.  I’ve posted occasionally, but fallen very short of my one-post-a-day goal.  Technology is partly to blame.  I cannot figure out how to make my WordPress app on my phone work–in a fit of frustration I deleted app and have yet to add it back (clearly “be more patient” was not one of my resolutions).  But that isn’t a great excuse, so I’m fixing it I fixed it and re-resolve to write a little bit every single day.

My other resolution was to love myself more.  I was inspired to make this resolution by one of the most fabulous people on the planet, RuPaul.  One of my favorite RuPaul quotations is, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

This is so true.  If I don’t love myself–if I’m not happy with who *I* am–how can I love my fiance, my step-kids, or anyone else?  If I can’t see the beauty and the goodness in myself, how can I truly see it in others?  Short answer:  I can’t.  So I’m loving myself more this year.

I’m going to start an exercise where I pick out something I love about myself each day.  These can be physical traits, personal traits, anything at all that I love about me.  Who knows–maybe I’ll post them here each day!  Satisfying two resolutions with one blog post.  🙂



Making Money or Bad Manners?

Here’s an interesting story that came across my news feed this morning.  Keshia Knight Pulliam, best known for her role as Rudy on the Cosby Show, was recently “fired” from the competition-based reality show Celebrity Apprentice.  The reason?  For not calling Bill Cosby to ask for help with raising funds for a charity.  She claimed that she has not spoken to Cosby in five years and thus it was inappropriate to ask him for money.

I have my opinions on the sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby (another day, another post).  I’m sure Pulliam has her opinions on this as well, but this episode of Celebrity Apprentice was filmed *before* the resurgence of the allegations against Cosby.  So why didn’t she call him?

Because that’s rude.

Pulliam and Cosby hadn’t talked in five years.  FIVE YEARS.  And she’s supposed to call this man talking about, “I know it has been a long time since we’ve talked–half a decade exactly–but if you could donate some money to my charity that would be awesome.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, I wouldn’t have called you if I didn’t need something.”  Umm, no.  The southern belle in me cringes at the thought.  That is tacky to the umpteenth degree.

And honestly, do you think Cosby would have coughed up the dough?

Photo courtesy of Adriana M. BarrazaWENN.com, ActionPress.  Found on Promiflash.de.

Keshia Knight Pulliam. Photo courtesy of Adriana M. BarrazaWENN.com, ActionPress. Found on Promiflash.de.

If someone I hadn’t spoken to but to say “hi” and “bye” in FIVE YEARS called me to ask for money for charity–heck, for anything really–I probably wouldn’t give it.

So what do y’all think?  Was Pulliam just acting like she had some manners or did she willingly bypass a good opportunity to network?

Check out the original article here, then tell me what you think!

“I Met God, She’s Black”

When I was completing my undergraduate degree, I took a course called Sociology of Gender.  I was a sociology minor, so I was interested in the elective that discussed how gender influences the world around us.  In one particular session, our professor told a story about a man he knew who had faced death.  The man–who was able to be revived but was technically dead for a bit–had big news when he returned to the land of the living.  My professor visited this man in the hospital and the man told him, “I saw God, Steve–and she’s BLACK!”

This shocked quite a few people in my class.  How could God–all knowing, all seeing, all powerful God–be a Black woman?!?

The idea of God as a Black woman is not unheard of.  Authors (including one of my favorites, Ntozake Shange) have stated this before.  Even today, a man is selling t-shirts emblazoned with the phrase, “I Met God, She’s Black” (see Huffington Post article here for more details).

Given the whitewashed image of God that has been presented to Christians (and the world) all these years, I can understand my classmates’ sentiments somewhat.  The church I grew up in still has a huge mural of a blonde haired, blue eyed, pale skinned Jesus right behind the baptismal pool.  Don’t even get me started on the Exodus:  Gods and Kings controversy.

However, as a Black woman, I love that God can be seen as someone who looks like me.  Black women have been lowest on the totem pole of society perhaps since the founding of America; the inequalities continue even today as Black women make 64 cents to every dollar that white men make.  Black women are often stereotyped as welfare queens, jezebels, or simply “angry.”  Even the most successful among us is subject to the “angry Black woman” stereotype (I’m looking at you, Shonda Rhimes).

Black women are more than just the stereotypes that are perpetuated about us.  Black women are beautiful, precious, and yes even heavenly.


I tried posting this last night, but complications with my phone and the WordPress app got the best of me.

Every year I make resolutions and I usually never keep them.  This year I’m making just two and I’m fully committed to every word of both of them:

  1. Write something on this blog every single day, no matter how short or superfluous.
  2. Love myself more.

Here’s looking at you, 2015!