Some nights…

…I just want silence. No tv, no phone, no distractions. Just a woman and what’s on her mind. 

It seems as though people today are afraid of silence. We seek to fill every moment with something instead of taking the time to appreciate the stillness. Are we afraid of it, the thoughts and feelings that come when the world quiets? Or are we simply so used to a world full of noise that anything else seems unnatural?

Sometimes the most powerful revelations come in the quietest moments. 


Food for Thought

Do you know how long it’s been since I cooked a meal for myself that wasn’t ramen or frozen pizza?

Yeah, me either. 

Lately I’ve been so busy with work or friends that I haven’t had time to make dinner. If I did have time, I didn’t have the energy. Did I want to dirty a bunch of dishes and eat the same leftovers for days? Nope. Then all those days of eating dinner (and lunch…and breakfast) out hit my bank account and my waistline in a less-than-stellar way. 

That changed today though. I made myself a meal–pork chops and green beans–and it was great. I stood right next to the stove and ate it. I barely got it on the plate! Having these leftovers for tomorrow actually sounds pretty good. Taking time to do something good for myself sounds even better.