Somebody Loves You: A Quest for Patti LaBelle Pie

It happened so suddenly
I woke up one morning with you on my mind
No matter what I did
Couldn’t stop thinking about you

The words of Patti LaBelle’s Somebody Loves You never rang true for me…until now.

The Grammy award winning songstress recently showed off her baking skills by selling sweet potato pies in Wal-Mart stores.  Many musicians have gotten into other businesses, such as makeup, fashion, and perfume lines, but few have had reactions like this.

After seeing this video (and the subsequent social media explosion) I knew I had to track me down a Patti pie.  I woke up this morning with pie on my mind, y’all!

Here’s the story…


Sometimes, you need a dance party.

The past two weeks have been crazy busy. My stress level was on 10, y’all. Today at work I felt like my head was going to explode. 

And then, I heard ‘Boyfriend’ by Justin Bieber

Y’all might be thinking, “Welp, let me get a mop to clean up the head explosion. If she was on the edge before, surely Biebs gave the final push.” 

NOPE. Turns out what I needed to alleviate my tension was a full-fledged, no shame in my game dance party. So that’s exactly what I had. 

I body rolled in my foyer. 

I twerked on my refrigerator. 

I pop, locked, *and* dropped it in the middle of my living room and it felt f*cking fantastic. I feel so much better and am ready to conquer the last day of the work week. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, Missy Elliott just dropped a new video and I have more booty shakin’ to do. 

Nothing Less

Life is too short to waste time on those that don’t deserve it. Every person you hold dear should improve your life and make you a better person in some way. If they aren’t bothered with making time for you, keeping promises, or caring about your feelings, keep it moving. They don’t want to invest in you, so why should you invest in them?

It can be hard to end those relationships and sever those ties, but it must be done. You deserve to be surrounded by people who care about you and want to make you a better person, not those who only care when it’s convenient or beneficial to them. You are worthy of dedication, love, and respect. 

Accept nothing less. 

Back Here

It’s been a minute, hasn’t it?

My unplanned hiatus was filled with work, travel, and everything in between.  I’ve had some awesome times in the past two months–I’ve cried more than once too–but overall I think I’m slowly getting myself to a better place.

Things I’ve worked on since I’ve been gone:

  • Healthy eating:  I’m cooking more at home and trying out new recipes
  • Expanding the mind:  I’ve committed to reading 30 minutes every day and keep a list of books to read
  • Reconciling the past:  I’ve started attending Al-Anon to deal with the impact of my father’s alcoholism (more in a future post)
  • Interpersonal relationships:  I’ve been spending more time with friends and trying to get out of the house more
  • Self-esteem:  I’m realizing that I am AWESOME, just the way I am

I’m also committing to blogging twice a week from here on out–I’ve even got a new app to help keep me on track.  🙂

So here’s to continued personal growth and loving me for me!