Leaving Facebook for My Father

Yesterday, I took a break from Facebook.  This may not seem like a big deal, but I did it in remembrance of my father.

My dad passed away five years before I even opened my first Facebook account–it didn’t even exist when he took his last breath.  So you may be wondering why I chose this way to honor my dad instead of something more conventional.

If you’re anything like me, you check Facebook at least a few times a day.  So I had quite a few instances where I stopped and thought of my father.  His smile.  His nickname for me, Lil’ Mama.  His love of Motown.  Watching him drive my pink Power Wheels convertible up and down our street.  Him hanging out and cracking jokes with his buddies.  His silly dancing.  Eating garden fresh tomatoes with him.  The hospital bed in my grandmother’s house.  How thin he looked the last time I saw him alive.  The light blue suit I wore to his funeral.

While some of my memories made me sad, most of them made me happy.  Either way, I’m glad I had the opportunity to stop and think of him so many times.  I hope he looked down from Heaven and saw his little girl, now a grown woman, who still treasures his memory.  Even though he’s not here, he’s still my daddy.

Daddy and me on my first birthday

Daddy and me on my first birthday


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