“Adulting” Like a Boss

My new favorite word is “adulting.”  It means doing things that adults do, like going to Home Depot for mulch or creating a monthly budget so you don’t spend all your coin on clothes and makeup three months in a row (still working on this one–baby steps, people).  There’s even a book about it!

Anyhoo, I adulted like a boss a few weeks ago when I refinanced to get a better interest rate on a credit card.  Sofi gave me an excellent interest rate, no penalty for early repayment, and a discount for scheduling automatic payments.  Pretty sweet, right?!?

You too can adult like a boss by refinancing with Sofi.  You’ll not only get a baller interest rate, you’ll also get *$100*! YOU CAN DO IT FOR STUDENT LOANS TOO, y’all (and we know we all have a few of those). Click the links below and save some money!

Personal Loan Referral: www.sofi.com/refer/148/30865

Student Loan Refi Referral: www.sofi.com/refer/5/30865

Going to the library to pick this up.  See, I'm adulting already!

Going to the library to pick this up. See, I’m adulting already!


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