Turn the Beat Around

Almost had a homeowner crisis, y’all! The other day, I went to close the garage door after returning from walking the dog.

But…the door wouldn’t close. My garage door opener was malfunctioning.


I instantly went into panic mode.

How much will this cost me? Do I have to replace the whole thing? Do I want some stranger coming over here and possibly bringing in the ‘Rona???


But I decided to look at it from the positive side, as opposed to the negative.

Even if it is expensive to replace, I’ve got the funds to cover it. I’ve been wanting to get a new garage door opener for a while, so replacing it might not be so bad. I’ll make sure to stand far away from the technician and sanitize everything after they leave.

Sometimes, a change in perspective is all you need!

I’m happy to say that the cost was wayyyy less than what I thought it would be (under $500 for the whole thing).

I’m happy to say that while I did have to replace the whole garage door opener, now I’ve got a new fancy one that I can control with my phone.

I’m happy to say that the technician was super nice, made sure to socially distance, and wore gloves while he was working.

I’m happy. Not panicked or stressed. Happy.

How has changing your perspective helped you in tough times? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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