This Winding Road

My story begins in the hills of Kentucky.  As a child, walked barefoot on curving paths through towering trees.  As a teenager–newly acquired licence in hand–I panicked at the thought of navigating the hairpin turns and narrow streets in my new (to me) car.  As a college student, I made the hour drive back home so much I could drive it in my sleep.  And at the age of 22, I drove from Kentucky to Wisconsin to start a new job and, though I didn’t realize it at the time, a new life.

Today, I’m still navigating this winding road.  Now instead of peaceful wooden paths and twisting country roads, I’m handling the turns that come with a career, relationship, and all those other adult responsibilities*.  Though there might be deep curves ahead, the experiences of life make the trip worthwhile.


The hills of my old Kentucky home

*Seriously–nobody told me adulthood costs so much.  Never did I expect to be excited about paying $500 for tires for my car.