Money in the Bank #100HappyDays

Day 46:  Having available funds makes me happy.

In my last post, I mentioned that my garage door wouldn’t open.  Well, a repairman is solving that problem literally as I type this…for the (not really) low, low price of $425.  It turns out I needed both tension springs replaced (one of them broke, which is why the door wouldn’t open) as well as new cables and rollers (because mine were corroded–yuck).  The parts are originals, and my house is almost 20 years old, so it makes sense that they failed.  But damn Gina!  They can’t make indestructible garage parts yet? #homeownerproblems #goodlawdthatsalotofmoney

Now, please don’t think I’m jumping for joy at paying damn near five hundos for this repair job.  Y’all know I’d rather spend that money on makeup and snacks!  But I am thankful that I had the funds to cover this unexpected expense.  I worry about money constantly, but my worries aren’t nearly as severe as they could be.

There are plenty of people here in America today who are struggling to find money to get their next meal or clothes and shoes for their kids.  Across the globe, people are walking miles for clean water and dying from curable diseases because they don’t have access to basic healthcare.  So, I’m happy that I had the funds in my bank account to cover this expense.  I’m not rich, but I do have enough, and that’s a lot more than some have.

(And for the record, if anyone wants to donate to the “Ashley Loves Makeup and Snacks Fund” you are more than welcome to PayPal/Venmo/Chase QuickPay me anytime!)


2 thoughts on “Money in the Bank #100HappyDays

  1. Ugh, that is the WORST. I had the tension springs break on me, but thankfully it was still when my Homeowner’s Warranty was still in effect. They couldn’t replace all the parts under the warranty, but it still cost me $250. Yuck.

    I wonder how much of our money worries are societally pushed upon us? Yay for having money in the bank! But boo for the stress money causes us on the regular. You’d think that with some dollars saved we’d all be stress-free. Alas, I find I’m constantly wondering, “Do I have enough saved up?” It’s such a strange phenomenon.

    • It really is strange, especially when you think of those who have so much but still want more. Hearing stories of millionaires not paying taxes or embezzling money have always baffled me. They’ve got what society says we all need–lots of money–and yet it still isn’t enough. Puzzling indeed.

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