Eating Well and Helping Out #100HappyDays

Day 94:  Eating well makes me happy.  I’ve mentioned it a few times on the blog but for those who may not know, I’m a vegetarian.  (Fun fact:  July 8 was my one year veggie-versary!)  I originally became vegetarian in order to eat healthier and improve my lifestyle, but quickly fell into the habit of eating very unhealthy vegetarian foods.  (Another fun fact:  French fries and cheese pizza are in fact vegetarian, but they aren’t the best foods for you.  #TheMoreYouKnow)  I’ve also been working with a personal trainer, and he encouraged me to start a food diary to keep up with the number of calories and amount of protein I’m eating (peep this post for more on that).  Now I know it’s possible to have a delicious, filling dinner for under 700 calories!  (Final fun fact:  This does not mean I’m never going to each french fries or cheese pizza again.  A lady has to indulge every now and again.)

Day 95:  Helping out my company makes me happy.  I actually have *two* days in the office this week!  And I chose to spend two hours of each one not working in my office.  (That’s #assbackwards I know.)  Our annual company picnic is on Saturday, and I’m helping out with advance registration. Volunteering for this internal opportunity made me happy in a few ways:

  1. I get to spend time in a part of campus that I never go to.
  2. I met three really cool coworkers that I probably wouldn’t have talked otherwise.  (In a company of 9000+ people, it’s easy to work with folks you’ve never met.)
  3. I got to brush off my retail customer service skills.
  4. I got to pick up my own tickets in advance.
  5. I got a free t-shirt!

4 thoughts on “Eating Well and Helping Out #100HappyDays

  1. Wow! I can’t believe you’re almost done with your #100HappyDays! That’s a big deal. I look forward to hearing about how this program has gone for you.

    Good for you on tracking your calories– I have been doing it for about a year. I will admit, some days I’m awesome at it, others I am not. I find that when I’m at work it’s easy to remember, but dinner gets lost sometimes! Also, so do little snacks– a Hershey’s kiss here, a cherry or two there… If I plan my meals in advance, I actually log all those calories in the morning and modify later as needed. *shrugs* To each their own! Good luck.

    • Thanks! Do you use a specific app to track your calories? I’ve been using MyFitnessPal to keep up with everything–I especially like that I can save recipes and meals and add the food all at once. I like to plan in advance too and the app makes it so easy.

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