Nail’d It

I love getting my nails done. Not only does it look pretty, it also gives you the opportunity to check out for awhile. You can’t really text or tweet when your digits are getting buffed and polished to filth. 

You also get to meet some interesting people in the nail salon. Today I met an older lady who was visiting from Iowa. She said I was beautiful (so sweet!) and that I reminded her of her 13-year-old daughter (even sweeter!). She even showed me a picture of her and her two younger brothers. 

Priory to ending my engagement, I probably wouldn’t have decided to get my nails done on a whim. There was always a bill due, a field trip fee coming up, a random unexpected expense, or just not enough time to get away. I’m glad I can take the time to focus on me now. Not to mention my nails look sickening! 

Game day mani–the ring finger polish changes colors! #BBN  


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