Back Here

It’s been a minute, hasn’t it?

My unplanned hiatus was filled with work, travel, and everything in between.  I’ve had some awesome times in the past two months–I’ve cried more than once too–but overall I think I’m slowly getting myself to a better place.

Things I’ve worked on since I’ve been gone:

  • Healthy eating:  I’m cooking more at home and trying out new recipes
  • Expanding the mind:  I’ve committed to reading 30 minutes every day and keep a list of books to read
  • Reconciling the past:  I’ve started attending Al-Anon to deal with the impact of my father’s alcoholism (more in a future post)
  • Interpersonal relationships:  I’ve been spending more time with friends and trying to get out of the house more
  • Self-esteem:  I’m realizing that I am AWESOME, just the way I am

I’m also committing to blogging twice a week from here on out–I’ve even got a new app to help keep me on track.  🙂

So here’s to continued personal growth and loving me for me!


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