Daddy Lessons

Last Father’s Day, I ate tomatoes in honor of my late father. My daddy wasn’t perfect, but he was mine, and I am sorry he left this Earth so soon. 

Losing my biological father at a young age taught me a lot. I learned to be independent, that women can do anything men can. I learned about the black hole of addiction, ruins families and takes lives with complete indiscrimination. I learned to cherish each day with the ones you love. I learned to grieve. 

But God–in His infinite grace–knew I wasn’t finished learning. So, He sent Malcolm. 

Malcolm didn’t come into my life until I was an adult, but he immediately became that father figure I needed. He laughs with me. He fusses at me when I need to be fussed at. He gives me advice about work, love, and life. But most of all, he is there

Whenever I need anything, I know Malcolm is there for me. Just like fathers are supposed to be. He’s never tried to take my father’s place, but–whether he knows it or not–he’s started to fill the void my daddy’s death left in my heart. 

Malcolm has taught me so many things too–I couldn’t begin to list them all. But the most important lesson he taught me is, even if you aren’t their biological kid, a dad will be a dad because he loves you. Malcolm met me when I was already grown and living my own life, but he stepped into that role because he wanted to. He didn’t have to get so involved in my life, but he did.  

Thank you, Malcolm, for the all the laughs, love, and lessons. Happy Father’s Day. 

So many lessons.


3 thoughts on “Daddy Lessons

  1. God knows just what we need exactly when we need it, and he knew that this is just what I needed to read to tonight. Thank you for sharing Ashley. I learned something about you tonight that I never knew. I just want to share with you that I was luckily enough to survive the black whole of addiction, & I will be starting back to schools his August 15th to finish my degree to become a certified addiction recovery coach. God saved my life for a reason, bc my purpose has not yet been fulfilled, and I believe my purpose is to do Gods work by helping save the life’s of other addicts out there. God bless you Ashley and thank you once again for sharing. ☺️

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  3. (I am totally still back tracking through your pingback links. You are crushing this blogging thing! <3)

    This post is beautiful. It's hard to put relationships into words. Particularly when they are complicated and tightly tied with strong emotions. You've done a great job here. I can relate to losing a family member– but it must have been so hard to lose your father so young. I'm thankful Malcolm found his way into your family's lives. It's so important to have support around you!

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