Hello again, friends!

Lately, I’ve been struggling with appreciation.  There are a lot of stressful things going on in my life right now (personal, professional, even legal) that can make seeing the beautiful things in life very hard to do.  Therefore, for the next 100 days, I will post something that makes me happy and tag it with #100HappyDays to make myself reflect on the positive aspects of my life.  These posts will include people, places, things, whatever–anything that makes me happy is eligible for the 100HappyDays hashtag.  🙂

Day 1:  This blog makes me happy!  Even though I don’t update every day (or even every month) I enjoy having this space to voice my opinions.  There are some things I want to share with the entire world; this blog gives me the opportunity to get those thoughts and ideas out to a wide audience.  There are some times when I’m sad, lonely, scared, angry, or just need to vent–this blog is the safe space I need to get those feelings out.

(PS:  I got this idea from my friend/coworker Nicole.  Check out her awesome blog here!)



I tried posting this last night, but complications with my phone and the WordPress app got the best of me.

Every year I make resolutions and I usually never keep them.  This year I’m making just two and I’m fully committed to every word of both of them:

  1. Write something on this blog every single day, no matter how short or superfluous.
  2. Love myself more.

Here’s looking at you, 2015!

The Eyes Have It

I’ve got a confession to make.

I’m slightly embarrassed by it, but I’m going to go ahead and share.  To be fair, I was young and impressionable–I was in high school!

I…used to wear colored contacts.

See?  Photographic evidence.

See? Photographic evidence.

Light green, dark green, hazel, honey brown, even purple–I wore them all.  While this isn’t the worst thing a girl could possibly do, I can see now that I wasn’t really fooling anyone into thinking gray was my natural eye color.  But y’all couldn’t tell me NUTHIN’–I was too cute in my colored contacts.

Which is why I’m confused about all the controversy surrounding Tameka “Tiny” Harris’s decision to undergo a procedure to change her eye color permanently.  Tiny is an R&B singer and wife to rapper T.I.; she underwent a surgical procedure to change her eye color from brown to “ice gray” (her words, not mine).  Once the Internet found out, they slammed her for it.

My question is, how is it anyone’s business but hers?

Tiny is a grown woman and should be able to make whatever decisions she wants concerning her body.  We laud people for having plastic surgery to remove loose skin after they lose weight, but slam someone for having surgery to change her eye color?  Plastic surgery is plastic surgery–we should’t judge people for doing things to make themselves feel better about their appearance.

Tiny speaks up about the procedure to MadameNoire here–check it out!

Us vs. Us

In Kentucky, a rivalry exists so severe it has torn apart families, ruined friendship, and divided the entire state.  I ain’t talking about the Hatfields and the McCoys, y’all.  I’m talking about the Kentucky Wildcats vs. the Louisville Cardinals.

Yes, Kentucky is such a blessed place (if you don’t believe me, ask Daniel Boone) that it has not one but TWO freakin’ awesome collegiate basketball teams.  This means one has a choice to make–Cardinals or Wildcats?!?  Those of us who were raised in the good ole’ bluegrass know just how serious this decision is.  It’s kind of like choosing a faction in Divergent–you can go your own way, but expect your mom to cry if you do.


“We’ll still love you no matter what you choose…as long as it’s Kentucky.”

And where there’s a rivalry, there is also a plethora of shit talking.  Actually, shit talking occurs generally as a part of sports (rivalry or not) but Kentucky and Louisville fans take it to a whole ‘nother level–usually when talking shit to one another.  Some of the jokes are funny…


If you’re mathematically challenged, you may not get it.

..but others are mean, spiteful, or stupid.


If you’re making decisions like these, your basketball preference should be the least of our concerns.

At the end of the tournament, both teams represented the Bluegrass State in a way that should make us proud.  Why do we need to sling insults at one another?  I’ll bleed blue until the day I die (that means I’m a Kentucky fan for those of you not from ’round here) but at the end of the day, a win from either team is a STATE win.  So lighten up everyone–root for your team, but don’t be mean.


A win for either is a win for all of us.

Tis’ the Season

Is anyone else already feeling the Christmas spirit?

Halloween has barely passed, Thanksgiving is over three weeks away, and here I sit making my Christmas list. Ever a planner, I’ve decided to get a jump on Christmas 2013 by outlining and budgeting a bit early this year. My goal is to get gifts for everyone (including my friends and colleagues at work) for $500 or less. That may sound like a lot, but with a list of over 20 people giving the gifts I want may prove challenging.

This year will involve a lot of homemade gifts; I’m really looking forward to flexing my creative muscle. I’ve already got a Pinterest board with ideas and may start making gifts as early as…now!

What are your plans for gift giving this holiday season? What creative gift ideas are you hoping to try out?

List (pg. 1 of 3) and cards to prep for sending

This Winding Road

My story begins in the hills of Kentucky.  As a child, walked barefoot on curving paths through towering trees.  As a teenager–newly acquired licence in hand–I panicked at the thought of navigating the hairpin turns and narrow streets in my new (to me) car.  As a college student, I made the hour drive back home so much I could drive it in my sleep.  And at the age of 22, I drove from Kentucky to Wisconsin to start a new job and, though I didn’t realize it at the time, a new life.

Today, I’m still navigating this winding road.  Now instead of peaceful wooden paths and twisting country roads, I’m handling the turns that come with a career, relationship, and all those other adult responsibilities*.  Though there might be deep curves ahead, the experiences of life make the trip worthwhile.


The hills of my old Kentucky home

*Seriously–nobody told me adulthood costs so much.  Never did I expect to be excited about paying $500 for tires for my car.